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Main Updates In iOS 10 Every iPhone Developer Should Know

Apple introduced the most awaited iOS 10 at its WWDC 2016 event held in San Francisco. While the event saw the introduction of many new software features for the four different platforms, the milestone update which was able to steal the show was undoubtedly the iOS 10. The Developer Preview for iOS 10 is already available to download.With plenty of bug fixes and performance tuning, the latest Apple operating system has tremendous new features.

If you are associated with an iOS app development company there is a lot to catch up with the introduction of iOS 10. The operating system has featured a number of new API and services that lead to new application types. If an iOS app developer wants to lay hands on iOS 10, he would need to do the coding using Swift 3 and also have Xcode 8. These two are the primary requirements for building the iOS applications. Here are the 3 key development related features in iOS that a developer should know of:

Replay Kit Has Been Improved

iOS 10 has introduced new features to the Replay Kit, which was introduced in iOS 9. iOS 10 has components of live broadcasting the Replay kit streams. Now, a user can broadcast media through other websites and applications which will help a user to sign into a service and put up a broadcast. iOS developers need to create ReplayKit Broadcast Activity View Controller which would allow users to opt for the streaming service they want.

Voice Recognition Classes And Siri Integration

A new API has been launched with iOS 10 which supports regular speech recognition. This will enable the developers to build new iPhone apps for speech recognition purpose as well as translating it to text. Advanced classes have been introduced in the new API in Speech framework such as SFSpeechRecognizer, SFTranscription etc. which makes it possible.

With iOS 10, it is now possible to use voice commanding in most of the apps like payment, calling, gallery and messaging. Development companies should consider this when they hire iOS app developers because Apple has focused on simplifying the iPhone usage. All these new features are performed with the integration of Sirikit in iOS 10.

Enhanced User Notifications

iOS 10 features User Notifications. framework and User Notifications UI framework. This has put an end to the existing UILocalNotification. This framework helps in handling notifications, which can be local or others. iOS developers can use these framework classes for modifying notifications when they are received on the device.

The display of remote and local and notifications can be customized with by User Notifications UI framework. With the help of these two frameworks, Apple has improved the functionalities of the notifications along with changing the local and remote notifications. The biggest change which can be experienced with the new notification system is that it enhances the process of message arrival and device display.