Nissy Beauty is new beauty application for your own convenience !

Nissy Beauty is new beauty application for your own convenience ! Nissy beauty send hair stylists right at your home with just a few steps of booking your appointment .The app is a one stop destination to booking all your beauty services just when you need them irectly from your phone.

Major Features

Social login capability

Allows login in the app via email or through social profile facebook.

Search beauty stylists

Allows users to search for different beauty stylists at fingertips.

Hassle Free Booking

Users can easily book the stylists using the app in fraction of seconds.

Beauty Stylists On demand

Users will be able to search for nearby beauty stylists which reach on your home within minutes.

Secure payments

Safe and secure payment process for paying for the stylists online.

Review & Feedback

Users can give reviews and feedbacks for the services based on their experience.


Users have been able to easily book beauty stylists on their mobile and the best stylists reach home within minutes.
The app allows users to pay easily through the app and their data remains secure and safe within the app.
The feedback and reviews in the app give users a chance to share their experiences of the services for better improvements in future.


The main challenge was to manage the latitudes and longitudes of the location allowing users to search for nearby service providers.

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