Deliver a convenient course for your single targeted audience with CQLsys to get mingle & associate with self-select interesting matches

WhereAbout is an innovative mobile app targeting simplicity with ease. Meeting companions and finding new places has never been simpler. With this superior application, you meet in a matter of moments at your preferred spot and/or find heaps of new hotspots. Your social life gets a boost, you benefit from attractive customized promotions & you discover numerous new locations. Just Swipe through pictures of potential matches & select the ones you like most.

Major Features


The matchmaking application feature suggests the perfect partners for the customers based on their profiles and interests.

Private Message

Users can communicate with each other privately with Private messages for the next step to words making the relationship.

Date Planner

Users may plan their dates directly from their live dating app – select dates, fix time & place to meet & go with the flow.

Feed Post

Users can post & share their feelings or photos with their friends. Moreover, Your Friends can like, comment or share them.

Push Notification

Which will be sprung upon the clients' screen to intimate on the new messages, matches & latest offers.


Reviews help us in choosing the right resolution from the other customers’ feedback for easy decision making.


For each match, the user has 3 actions: swipe to next, like or dislike the match. The Testing version of the application had thumbs up and thumbs down icon for liking and disliking.

The CQLsys was prepared to actualize a change that they accepted would expand commitment by making the like & dislike button increasingly empathic and in this manner additionally enticing to click. The idea Comes to an end by replacing thumbs with tick and cross and assigning thumbs to a transparent Background in swiping the screen for the better user interface.

Also, There was a challenge to Connect the API Of google maps to timings, Revenue & Application For better dating Commitment


Unexpectedly, the Right & Wrong Tick icons raised clicks of the like button by 6.0% & clicks of the dislike button by 4.3%. It seemed to make sense that a tick icon instead of a direct thumbs up would better speak to discovering love. Clicking a Tick symbolizes a person is right for you, while a thumbs up icon just means of approval.

This just demonstrates that testing before implementing huge changes to your application is a to-do task, regardless of how certain you are that the change will be gainful to your app. WhereAbout saved themselves from a painstaking loss by testing before executing which you should too. Plus, getting started with CQLsys is free.

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