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What Industry Demands?

Strengthen your business with fitness app solution

Get your fitness trainer app & market it productively to grab the eyeballs of health maniacs with the assistance of the most Exceptional fitness trainer app development. Aid your business with the personalized fitness trainer app bandage that works just like a personal trainer for your Health Development.

Build a Health & Fitness Mobile App that can make anyone healthy

The digital diversion of mobile apps is blamed to be the cause of physical inactivity by many people. We believe that the same mobile applications to assist users adopt a healthy lifestyle.

CQLsys lead together the strength of technology & age-old physical training to assist customers drive a healthy lifestyle. We build fitness mobile applications that empower users to set up an exercise regime, follow it like a habit & also measure the daily results derived from it. If a mobile application that flows forward of the time is what you are looking for, CQLsys can assist you to create mobile applications that can operate fine with wearable devices, fitness trackers & even on usual smart phones.


An all-round business solution for an Extensive fitness trainer solution

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One App, Many Solutions

From out-of-shape to ripped model, an app that helps users get fit


Booming mobile app technology has made our daily activities easier. Thousands of mobile applications are available in the definite stores under the ‘health and fitness’ category to turn our life into a more comfortable & healthier place. This tide wave in the amount of fitness applications is assigned to the fitness boom that occurred in the year 2014 with the emergence of wearable’s. Nevertheless, the tendency quickly shifted in favor of mobile applicants because they can effectively control the wearable’s as well.

Offerings & Services

Utilizing a fitness trainer solution for other offerings

Native Mobile Apps and Website

Gym Instruction Apps

Create Virtual Environment of a Gym around you to help enhance your fitness training by merging it with the pint of high amount of interactivity.

Native Mobile Apps and Website

Diet Planning Apps

Provide your customers with a comprehensive diet planning solution incorporating various diet charts along with ingredient & nutrition information.

Native Mobile Apps and Website

Wearable Apps

Track your daily fitness activity in accordance with your Training plans & goals by wearable apps that note each & every fringe of your body steps.

Fitness Tracking Features

We have all the skills you need to create a fully-fledged, stable fitness product as per your needs with a myriad of features that will show you a direct ROI. Few of them Propped:

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Workout Plans

Make a workout plan that fits your busy schedule & works as per your exact requirements.

Video and Tutorial

Take the ideal stance during workouts,& information on exercises from the available videos & tutorials.

Activity Tracking

Track the metrics of distances, calorie intakes for activities such as sleeping, walking or running

Wearable Integration

Harness the strength of our geolocation to find relevant information on fitness centers in and around your location.

Want to convert your unique idea into the most successful app in the market?

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Bug Free Applications with Future Support
We deliver Zero-Bug products & services. For any critical bug, we fix it in no time at free of cost within the support timeframe. Otherwise, we will fix it in the near future.
Full Cost & Timeline Transparency
None can Give you an exact project cost initially, as it varies with project However, our Expert application developers present with the best ballpark price quote.
Successful Application submissions & Marketing
We just don’t only develop an app for you but provide you the required support for the successful application submission in Apple App Store & Google Play Store.
24/7 In-App Online Chat Support System
Our dynamic support team is always ready to support you round the clock. We provide you with the quickest solution for the glitches you face.

Admin Panel

Get All the Data at One Place


A fitness trainer admin panel is competent enough to consider individual user’s statistics along with the admin dashboard. The center thought is to have a perpetual session monitoring & access to user membership plan for furnishing them with convenient, fundamental data.

  • User Management
  • Trainer Management
  • Dietary Management
  • Nutrition Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Plan Management
  • Daily Tracking
  • Payment Management


App Screen

At CQLsys we consider partnership as a priority. Throughout the years we have created some long haul connections with our incredible customers from UK, USA, Germany, Egypt, Australia, Dubai & more. Here is a glimpse of some Screens on various Platforms: