Internet of Things (IoT) Service & Solution Providers

Transform your business with value-focused IoT solutions

Multi-domain IoT solution, providing differentiated benefits to client needs.

IoT solutions can turn pain points into competitive advantages

Easy Monitoring

With IoT integration, monitoring your workplace becomes effortless as all your devices are seamlessly connected into one system.

Accurate Analytics

Thanks to the wealth of data collected by IoT devices, business leaders can make well-informed decisions.

Customer Experience

IoT allows for real-time diagnostics and analysis of past data, which can help businesses create more satisfying customer experiences.

Cost Savings

Smart deployment of IoT sensors can detect issues before they disrupt workflow or production, resulting in reduced costs.

Transform your business with smart INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) Solutions

With CQLSYS's IoT solutions, businesses can concentrate on lead generation and other essential upgrade areas while we manage data and data sharing. Our advanced IoT solutions and services are designed to make businesses more advanced and secure, and we strive to offer these solutions at a low operational cost.

  • Create seamless customer experiences.
  • Create opportunities for innovation throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Safeguard connected networks and mitigate risks.
  • Transform traditional supply chains into the digital supply networks.

Transformative IoT solutions to advance any organization

Our IoT prototyping lab offers rapid visualization of IoT concepts, providing a platform to integrate partner technologies across our service offerings. This enables IoT innovation in areas such as connected cars, smart homes, smart cities, smart workplaces, e-health, and usage-based insurance. Our rapid prototyping approach helps clients adopt new technologies quickly, improving their time-to-market.

Our key focus areas include

  • Processing high-volume data and information streams from various devices and sensors
  • Utilizing machine learning for adaptive analytics and real-time responses
  • Delivering cross-industry solutions and use cases to accelerate time-to-market
  • Providing an API/microservices layer for seamless integration across touchpoints.

Who Are We?

We are a digital and branding company that believes in the power of creative strategy and along with great design.

With CQLsys's IoT solutions, your organization can create value from IoT without storage bottlenecks or limitations, bridging both current and future requirements.

Our IoT solutions provide compute and storage capabilities to perform just-in-time analytics and computing on IoT datasets at the infrastructure edge, and they also support the implementation of AI/ML processes.

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