Match2Play- Turning Community into Family

Match2Play is the first online community whose goal is to create a network of kids and families who share the same interests.

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What is Match2Play?

Match2Play is the first virtual community designed exclusively to support the well-being of families. This application, created for families and local businesses, allows users to match with other users. It recommends places to visit and things to do according to their personal or family culture, language, and interests.

How It works?


Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa can join our virtual community! Find with your same interests, with kids of similar ages, and who speak your language.


Playtime is in session for kids and adults alike! While the little ones engage in fun, age-appropriate activities, you can connect with other parents, all while supporting local family-friendly businesses.


As an exclusive member of Match2Play, you get the most incredible discounts on trending experiences, and services! Find events or new places to visit near you, set up playdates, get vouchers, enjoy the savings.


Download our app and create your profile.

Found us at the Apple store and Google Play. Our app is parent-friendly! Setting up the profile is easy and quick.


Connect with other families.

Match with families near you. Connect with parents who share your lifestyle and kids the same age.


Connect With your community.

We want you to connect with your neighborhood The app allows finding things to do and places to go within your community.

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Core Features.

Spending time with your kids is important. Match2Play makes it easy.

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Family Friendly

Play with your kids, family, friends, and discover new activities in your area!

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Find Activities

According to your lifestyle, needs and budget

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Easy Editing

Create your profile in just a few steps, you can change or delete your profile whenever you want

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Marketing Team

If you're ready to meet new people and grow your business, add yourself to our Mompreneurs Directory today.

About the Project

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Client Requirements

A client wanted to make an online marketplace where people can meet locals family, friends, and discover new activities in their area, and purchase products without wasting time shopping, and also market your product and business at same platform.

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The challenge on our side was working with the changing project conditions and business requirements. However, we work in an agile environment, so we were able to make decisions about changes at a relatively low cost.

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We designed the app's architecture and user experience to ensure that the menu section was easily navigable, with a comprehensive categorization system, and that the food ordering process was quick and convenient for users. As a result of our efforts, the app has proven to be a valuable tool for our clients in achieving their long-term success goals.

Services We Provided

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Market understanding, Localization

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Product Design

User flow, Designing

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Android App, iOS App

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Play Store publishing, App Store publishing

Design Guidelines





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Tech Stack

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Cake PHP

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Daily Active user

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4.5 *

Average Rating

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Mobile App Downloads

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Active Companies on the Platform

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Conversion Rate

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