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Food Eats

Online Food Ordering App

Enjoy the freedom of managing your restaurant orders on a single platform with our multi-vending solutions for your customers. We put in the effort on management for you so you can focus on your business.


My Mart

Readymade Multi Vendor Apps

Fulfill all your orders with our ready-to-use multi-vendor apps. Track, ship, fulfill and get your product to your customer's door while protecting your business from any risky transaction with our app. Irrespective of the eCommerce business you run, we are here to make you increase your ROI and make your customers happy.




Pawskeeper is the Ultimate on-demand platform for pet services. We help pet lovers to take care of their furry friends by providing multiple pet-related services from certified pet service providers. Pawskeeper provides rewards points on every single penny spent in the system and that can be redeemed for booking more services. We have a variety of service providers serving multiple services. So, you can book multiple services for your pet in one go.


Ahlam Oman

For Beauty and Wellness

When making time for beauty and wellness is already a challenge, booking appointments for those things shouldn’t be. Book on the Go, book at work, book while in your sofa. whatever the time may be, Ahlam is ready to take your appointment.



Social, Notes and reminders

Transform your life with the power of MotiWin! Nowadays lots of people need a healthy and happy life. Millions of people want to turn their Negative thoughts into Positive thoughts to achieve their goal. Our positive reminders of the MotiWin App are a powerful, effective way to keep you going when times are tough and to stay inspired when reaching for new goals and dreams. Our MotiWin app is filled with inspirational and motivational News and sayings that serve as positive reminders throughout the day.


Future Robotics


First in the world Mobile App dedicated for the professionals working in Industrial World ! PLC and Robot programmers will find their new connections and answers to their questions here ! All in one place, communicate freely with professionals in your field !



Dating App

The users will be allowed to register in the app through Email Id or Social Media profiles. The app will fetch all the details of the user if registered from a social account. After the registration they can make changes to their profiles based on their requirements.


Real Estate app

Real Estate Vendors App

This app can help your vendors make money if you own a real estate company and looking forward to clients. Because picture uploading is one of our app's most prominent features, you may easily register your organization and publish various vacancies concerning places, along with pictures.


My Barber App

Beauty Saloons and Hair

Customers can check various saloons and hairstylist individuals in the app near to their location, Customer can directly search a service like hair cut, and the app will show the saloon and the professionals that provide the same service. After that user can check the previous rating as well as their images on their profile, and after that user can book the service accordingly by paying through the app.



Dating Application

Meeting Companions & discovering new places has never been simpler. With this new App-WhereAbout Social, you meet in the blink of an eye at your preferred spot and/or find loads of new hotspots.Your social life gets a Headboast. Though, you will get benefit from charming customized promotions.


Buy My Sneaker

E-Commerce Solution

Buy My Sneaker enable clients to securely & effectively purchase exclusive sneakers, clothing and more from the sweltering brands made accessible from trusted sellers. We've created a feature-rich experience for the sneaker & style network in USA.


Car Swap

Car Trading Application

So you want a new car ASAP but not have the required expense & bother of selling your current one ? Car Swap it! Clients are free to exchange temporarily or permanently, buy or sell.



Community Connect Solution

Tree is a network interface application for believers. This is the single spot to meet Christians, connect with people in your church gathering, and find or post events. This is a social network assembled explicitly dependent on standards of Christianity and Jesus culture for every Christian community and churches far & wide !



Food Ordering Mobile App

Did You Cook often & Too much ? Do someone a favour with it. You Have made a Delicious pasta,a quality dutch meal or a cookery masterpiece. There's a problem, however: You have cooked excessively. It’s a disgrace to discard it away but this delicious food goes down the drain anyway. Perhaps a neighbour living further down the street returns home following a bustling day of work.



Social Network Solution

Jewave is an Area-based social search mobile app that enables client to like or dislike other ones, & allows them to chat if both parties liked each other in the application. The 1st Jewish dating application that discover your perfect partner by similarity available on iOS & Android. Take the test and match.


Bahama Eats User

Order food in The Bahamas

Let’s Eat! You’re just a few taps away from having your favorite restaurant, retail shop or grocer delivered right to your door, in The Bahamas.
Say goodbye to waiting inline for your food or spending time shopping around in a grocery store and say Hello to Bahama Eats!


Bahama Eats Driver

Deliver and make money

Our Bahama Eats Drivers Platform We want to make it quick and easy for our drivers to seamlessly and efficiently pick-up and deliver orders whenever and wherever our customers call. Our UI makes operating our app and receiving information streamlined to provide a better driver experience and maximise delivery efficiency taking a major load off of the backs of our drivers...



Meet new friends

Whenever you are near another user, they are added to your Passerby list. Once someone is added to your Passerby list, you can view their profile and they can view yours. You can post high quality pictures to share with others who visit your profile.You can also view a map showing where you were when you were near the other users!


Oilfield Ticket Tracker

Ticket Tracker

Track your safety tickets in the palm of your hand. Forgot your ticket book at home? It’s on your phone now! Forgot to sign up for the course? Now you have reminders!




iREF is a platform that connects accredited referees with university sports teams. iREF allows university sports teams to find and book referees for a better university experience. Created by students for students this app aims at making our time at university as smooth as possible and this starts by having each and every one of our sports game officiated by a referee. Created by a student at King's College London this app aims to become the go-to platform for university sports teams in the United Kingdom.


Gym Occupancy


Gym Occupancy is a crowd sourced gym tracker for occupancy. Find gyms around you & learn how many people are there at any time! With Gym Occupancy, you can look for the nearest gyms around your location for their current or last reported occupancy. Aside from the location, you can view the images related to the gym and...


Project Fang

On-demand market place

Project FANG is an hourly on-demand market place for Physical, Digital, and Cyber Security. Users may hire Security Consultants, Private Security, Private Investigators, Bounty Hunters, Armed Security, Body Guards, Executive Protection, Self Defense Instructors, Weapons Instructors, Bouncers, and more. Private investigators are available to conduct surveillance for all our users needs...


Project Buddy

House & Home

Project Buddy helps organize projects. Whether you are a contractor with one too many jobs or a homeowner who needs to get a better grip on your project, "We got it". Project Buddy hooks clients up with local PM's that organize and make sense of jobs to help keep them on time and on budget.



Fitness app

FtnsHub is a platform aiming to create a fitness community. Away from the distractions of connecting via social media,FtnsHub is a highly-focused assembly point for those serious about their wellbeing.




Omorni is the best app for Home maintenance without any trouble. Getting the right professional for home maintenance tasks like plumbing cleaning etc could be frustrating and challenging.



Taxi Booking

MapLa is a secure, innovative, reliable mobile application committed to providing the user with quick and efficient means of travel that help them plan their appointments. It also makes it possible to plan their journey by locating the nearest drivers in order to benefit from the services.


Roomer Resume

Real Estate

Roomer resume helps renters, roommates, and landlords show the world their awesomeness. Its a free application which allows user to list their renting vacancies, search for rental vacancies, list the desire to find roommates, search posts by other roommates who are looking for roommates.


Acquire app

Products and Services

With Acquire Reviews app, one can easily request reviews in under 15 seconds, for the products and services they sell. The app is convenient to use and quickly sends a request to a customer in seconds after asking them for their help. It's an essential app for business owners to collect online reviews.


Express ads

Classfied (Arabic)

Express ID is a classified app wherein the users may sell and buy cars, bikes, boats, properties and rent them, you may chat and make reasonable offer to the sellers.



Ondemand App

Its an On demand service app where users can select from many categories-Plumbing, Electrician of your home needs. The Kinnet app will search for available professional...



Bike Riders

Rollin’ is the complete app for motorcyclists of all genres and ages, and it’s loaded with features specifically designed for motorcycle riders. Riders go on great journeys, see amazing sights, and experience more freedom than most people could wish for, travel faster than most people know possible, and create friendships stronger than most people could handle.


Craft Brewed Music

Music App

Craft Brewed Music™ is a curated streaming service for adventurous listeners who want to discover the incredible music hidden outside the mainstream.
And CBM is designed (by artist manager Brian Horner) to PAY artists. Through direct deals with artists and small labels the company pays out 50% of its income in royalties - the highest percentage possible while still paying app retailer fees and remaining viable as a company.


B&L Borrow and Lend

Borrow items on a temporary basis

It is a very unique application which lets users to save money and reduce waste. User can borrow items on temporary basis without involving any monetary transactions. This app allows user to barter with other users.




Allure, is a unique platform design to streamline the booking and management services for models and casting directors

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